Are you looking for an off-grid, green energy solution that will provide all the heat and power you need, while giving you the highest return on investment?

Generating returns

Technology has come a long way since biomass began. With combined heat and power (CHP) you can generate all the heat and electricity you need by transforming woody biomass into a gas.

Not surprisingly, this solution is proving increasingly popular and we’re certain Arbor’s state-of-the-art design is the best investment you can make for your farm or business. CHP offers better returns than heat-only biomass technologies and is the newest chapter in the story.

What is Biomass CHP?

Biomass CHP is an efficient, low-carbon approach to generating both heat and power from sustainably sourced woody biomass. It can be used to power anything from dairies, poultry units, pig sheds or greenhouses to industrial facilities, hotels and schools.  Unlike a conventional biomass boiler, it generates an energetic gas, which means it provides electricity as well as heat.

Biomass CHP produces electricity and heat by gasifying organic fuel, in this case sustainably sourced woodchips. The heat from the process can be constructively used in a number of ways and has proven particularly useful for businesses with substantial heating or drying requirements. The electricity generated by a CHP plant can be used directly on-site or exported back to the grid.

A CHP system consists of a gasifier, gas engine, a generator and a heat exchange system. Woodchip is heated to 1,000ºC, converting it to gas. This gas then fuels a combustion engine which powers a generator to produce electricity and heat.

The benefits of Biomass CHP

  • Benefit from better returns than traditional biomass
  • Generate sustainable electricity which can be used on-site or sold back to the grid
  • Further cut down energy overheads by using your biomass CHP plant for heating or drying
  • Qualify for government financial incentives such as ROC and Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Demonstrate a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint of your business


Is my site suitable?

To find out if your business has potential for a combined heat and power system please contact us today and speak to one of our in-house specialists who will complete a free desktop assessment prior to a visit.

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